How should cosmetic bag choose

1. Exquisite appearance: even if it is a carry-on bag, the size needs to be proper. It is generally proposed that the size within 18cm×18cm is more appropriate.
2. Lightweight materials: The net weight of materials must also be taken into account. The lighter the material, the less likely it is to cause pressure on the bag. In addition, fabric selection wear resistant material, do not have too many decorations, can be used to grow old together.
3. Multi-layer design scheme: Because the items in the cosmetic bag are very broken and there are a lot of small things to place, the layered design scheme will make it easier to sort and collect things. More and more warm heart of the makeup bag design, and even separated out the lip balm, beauty eggs, pen shape special tools such as special areas, so much separated storage, not only can be clear at a moment clear things placed parts, but also can maintain them not because of the impact between each other and injured.
4, choose their own style: at this time, we should first check the usual habit with the type of things, if the items in the pen and the appearance of flat makeup products disc account for the majority, so wide flat and multi-level style is very appropriate; If it is dominated by bulk bottles and cans, it should choose a makeup bag that looks wider on the side, so that the bottles and cans can stand, and the liquid inside is not easy to leak out.

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