How to choose bike saddle bag


Riding out, whether it is a short or long distance, the necessary items with the vehicle still need to be carried. For example, tire repair tools, combination tools, inner tubes, etc., these things are still uncomfortable on your back, then you can consider a bicycle tail bag.

To put it simply, the bicycle tail bag is installed behind the seat bag. It is usually fixed on the seat bow and seat post to hold various small things. Although the tail bag is small and simple, there is still some experience in choosing it. Let’s sort it out for everyone.

[Understanding the material of the tail bag]

Nylon cloth: This is the most common fabric on the market, and many mid-to-low-end tail bags use this material. Generally, there are many colors to choose from, among which black is more resistant to dirt. This kind of fabric is mainly cheap, but has poor water resistance, and is suitable for entry-level cars and less demanding riders.

EVA foam plastic: It can be used as the material of the hard shell tail bag with a sharper visual sense. Nylon cloth and carbon fiber cloth may be attached to the inside and outside to increase the texture.

PU leather: The leather has a good texture. Due to its waterproof material, if it is treated with water resistance, its useful life can be increased.

[Functions that the tail bag should have]

How to choose a suitable tail bag, in addition to the appearance preferences, still need to look at the functions it has.

There should be reflective material on the tail bag, so that it can act as a warning when the light shines on the tail bag at night. At the same time, because the tail bag occupies the position behind the seat bag, the tail light cannot be installed or the installation position needs to be changed. Therefore, it is best to place the tail light on the tail bag.

Waterproof function is also the main basis for selection. In addition to the waterproof function of the opening bag material itself, it is best to equip a separate waterproof cover for better results.

In addition, the tail packet preferably has an expandable function, and the capacity of the tail packet can be adjusted.

[How to install the tail package]

The last issue to note is the installation method of the end package.

Generally speaking, there are two common ways to end packets. One is to fix it on the seat bow through a special fastener, and then to seat the tail bag. In this way, the tail bag can be easily removed, and it is not easy to shake. The other is through Velcro, which can be installed on the seat bag without tools. This kind of installation is convenient, which is slightly less fixed.

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