What Style of Schoolbag Should Middle School Students Use

Every year when the new semester begins, many parents are busy buying new school bags, school supplies, clothing, etc. for their children. So how should middle school students choose schoolbags? A good schoolbag should not feel tired when carried on the shoulders, and it can also achieve the effect of protecting the spine. Middle school students are in an important period of growth and development. It is very important to choose a good schoolbag. So the question is, what style of schoolbag should middle school students use? What should I pay attention to when buying schoolbags for middle school students? Let’s take a look together below.

1. Do not exceed the weight of the school bag by 15%

The natural center of gravity of the human body is in the middle. If the head is dropped, it means the center of gravity moves forward, which is a manifestation of hunchback.

When a child school bag is too heavy, his head will definitely lean forward in order to balance the weight of his back with the book bag on his back. Over time, children get used to walking with their chests in their hands.

Recommendation: The weight of the student schoolbag should not exceed 15% of its own body weight. Children should develop a good habit of tidying up their school bags every day, and remove temporarily useless books.

2. Avoid choosing these three unhealthy schoolbags

Shoulder bags: The one-shoulder cross-body bags of the 60s and 70s are now popular again. A cross-body schoolbag will stress one side of the shoulder, causing uneven force on the left and right shoulders. In addition, the weight of the book is not light, and it will cause shoulder, spine strain, and even scoliosis for a long time. For the same reason, children should not move the shoulder bag to a single shoulder.

Handbags: Trolley-style schoolbags have become popular in recent years. This kind of school bags have pull bars and wheels like a suitcase, which can be dragged, freeing the child’s shoulders but exerting force on the wrists. This design makes the schoolbag’s center of gravity unstable, and it is easy for children to sprain their wrists when pulling and walking.

Carrying the schoolbag forward: Carrying the schoolbag on the back to the chest is a common way of carrying on the street. The original intention of this kind of carrying is to prevent thieves. If the schoolbag is too heavy, the front back will only increase the load on the waist and increase the possibility of waist strain.

How to buy schoolbags for middle school students ?

1. Choose broadband and shoulder pads

Choose a school bag with broadband and shoulder pads. If there is a weight belt on the schoolbag, it is even better, it can evenly distribute the pressure, and will not cause excessive damage to the back and shoulders.

2. Schoolbags with many partitions

Check the various parts of the book bag, and it is better to have more partitions. This can not only play the role of classifying textbooks and various stationery, but also make the weight of the school backpack uniform.

3. Don’t have too many pockets and meshes on the schoolbag

Do not have too many pockets and meshes on the schoolbag, otherwise it is easy to be caught by sharp objects and cause danger. Avoid too many metal buckles or metal zippers in the schoolbag. Excessive metal accessories will increase the weight of the schoolbag and may also cause damage to the back.

4. The back of the rucksack is best to have soft padding

Choose a schoolbag with a cushion on the back, because the cushion has pits to help dissipate heat, so that the child will not “sweat back” when carrying it.

5. Consider small school bags

Choose the smallest schoolbag that can hold books and stationery. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the body; when you carry it on your body, the bottom of the schoolbag should not be less than 10 cm from the waist.

6. Consider the material of the schoolbag

Choose a school bag made of lightweight nylon or canvas instead of leather or other heavy materials.

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