How to Choose Teenager School Backpack Bag

Other than style and brand (which your child will no doubt tell you all about), there are a few important things to consider before buying a Teenager School Bag for secondary school.

Type of bag

A Teenager Backpack is the best option for a child’s back and posture. But if backpacks are not ‘the thing’ at their school then look for a decent messenger or tote bag.


If they’re not at the school yet, ask around to find out what items your child is expected to bring in each day, and whether they have lockers in school or not, so you know how much stuff they’re likely to need to fit in their school bag. Take into account whether they need to be able to squeeze in a PE kit or lunch box too.


Something lightweight is best, but also look out for a School Backpack with breathable mesh that will stop your child from getting too hot on the walk to school. Back padding will also stop corners of folders and laptops from digging in. Some school bags are even made from insulated fabric to keep lunches cool.


School bags are absolute filth magnets. Go for one you can wash or at least give a thorough wipe down.


Bags with lights or reflective strips on are useful for keeping children seen in the dark, and are particularly important if they are cycling to school. It’s worth thinking about security too and whether they need something they can padlock if their bag isn’t staying with them all day and they need to carry a phone or cash in it.


Does it have enough pockets for them? Many school bags have special pockets for a laptop, water bottle etc, and even key attachments.

Their commute to school

It might sound obvious but if your child is biking to school, a backpack is a must. For those walking, you’ll want something comfy with a padded strap. And if they’re going to be on packed trains or buses they might want something with a top handle so they can carry it in their hands in front of them.

What should I put in my School Backpack Bag for secondary school?

Your school may give your child a checklist of what they need to bring or there might be one on their website worth consulting first, but here’s a basic list of things your child is likely to need in their school bag for secondary school:

· Laptop (if they use one)

· Pencil case

· Geometry set

· 30cm ruler

· Phone (if they have one)

· House keys on a retractable string

· Money or card to pay for school dinners etc

· Bus pass, train ticket or anything else they need for the journey

· Water bottle

· Lunch

· Any text books or exercise books for each day

· A map of the school for the early days

· Timetable of classes

· Hat, gloves etc in cold weather

Which brand of school bag is best?

Parents think the Eastpak Padded Pakr Backpack  is the best school bag for secondary school. It represents the best value for money in terms of how robust and long-lasting it is, and the features it includes.

How we chose our recommendations

We chose all these recommendations straight from the Mumsnet forums, as we think this is one area where experience really does speak volumes.

First we trawled the back-to-school threads for recommendations of the school bags that Mumsnetters had been most impressed with. We also kept a list of any brands that received duff reviews.

We then looked up customer reviews for our shortlisted bags and compared our list with consumer review sites and publications to see which had won awards and accolades. We then whittled the list down by collating all that information, and picked a selection of school bags from those that we thought represented something for everyone student.

Why you should trust us

The bags we picked all come recommended by real parents, who took the time to post about their finds on the Mumsnet Talk boards, so all the reviews are honest and unpaid for. We write about products that we feel offer the best value to most parents – the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.

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