How to Select Kids School Backpack Bag ?

School bags have become an indispensable part of campus life. They are used to store books and stationery, and are easy to carry. Nowadays, there are various styles of schoolbag, especially Kids School Bag, which are even more varied in order to attract children. Children Schoolbags are generally made of nylon, polyester, canvas or leather. There is a strap, and the Kids School Backpack is generally divided into columns. There are generally two types, one is carried on the back, and the other is carried on the shoulder. There are also wheeled types that can be dragged.

Parents are generally confused when choosing school bag for kids. What size is suitable for their children? The following is a reference for kids schoolbag sizes. I believe it can help you.

The height of the A4 textbook is 29.7cm, so the height of the Kids Schoolbag is 30cm or more, and it can be put into the A4 textbook.

1, 1-3 years old, children in small classes and middle classes, choose schoolbags with a size of 21-28cm.

2. For children aged 3-6, pre-kindergarten, middle class, large class for young children, choose a school bag with a size of 28-36cm.

3, 6=9 years old, children in grades 1-3 of elementary school, choose a school book bag with a size of 36-42cm.

4. Children aged 8-16, grades 2-6 of elementary school, choose school backpack with a size of 40-45cm.

In order to reduce the pressure on the child from the schoolbag, the weight of the book package should not exceed 15% of the child’s weight.

The purchase of children backpack should be based on the actual situation of the child’s body, and it is best to choose a light-weight schoolbag that can reduce the burden.

1. Whether to decompress. At present, many school bag manufacturers have begun to pay more attention to the carrying system of schoolbags. There are more books and various kinds of learning tools for students to go to school. They are heavier and very difficult to carry. Studies have shown that overweight children backpack can cause kyphosis, scoliosis, leaning forward or twisting.

2. Dimensions. Choose the size of the backpack according to the size of the child. Generally speaking, the waist point of the school backpack should be on the waist socket above the tailbone. The fulcrum of the shoulder strap should be slightly lower than the shoulder (10 cm is appropriate), so that it is easy to adjust and receive the force of the stress belt, and it is comfortable to carry. If the size is too large, it will produce a feeling of falling, otherwise, it will have a feeling of verticality, which will make the waist not in place.

3. Materials. Many parents tend to pay more attention to the color and shape of the kids school backpack when choosing a backpack. In fact, the key to whether the children backpack is strong and durable depends on the material. From the perspective of webbing, the price difference between ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing can be 3 to 5 times.

4. Portable. Children school backpack is not only convenient to carry, but also convenient to walk, run, and ride.

5. When purchasing, pay attention to the manufacturer of the schoolbag. Generally, the brand owner will check the production technology and quality credit of the authorized company before authorization. Therefore, when buying children’s schoolbags, you must look for the brand authentic authorization.

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