How to Buy Men Business Handbag Laptop Computer bag

Business people are one of the most important ethnic groups in the business society. They are in the middle and upper classes of the enterprise, they are busy with their daily work, and they often travel abroad on business. When business people travel, most people carry a business bag with them to facilitate the placement of documents and personal belongings. The business bag has a simple and elegant appearance, with a business card bag, mobile phone bag, and pen holder structure in the bag. Can be divided into computer briefcase, business trolley travel bags, business backpacks, business handbags and other types of bags. Which brand of business bag is good? What materials does the business bag have?

How to buy Men Business Handbag Laptop Computer Briefcase ?

1. Material

The material of men business bag is a point that must be paid attention to when purchasing. Business bags should usually be made of genuine leather, cowhide is the first choice, pigskin and sheepskin are also acceptable. The laptop briefcase made of high-quality cowhide is a symbol of status and a necessary fabric for high-end business.

2. Color

The colors are generally dominated by wild colors of black and brown. When shopping for a business handbag, in addition to combining the occasion and clothing, skin color is also a factor that must be considered. But when you are not sure what color bag you need, then you can never go wrong with choosing black.

3. Style

Business Briefcase are divided into horizontal and vertical styles. When choosing horizontal and vertical models, you must decide which one to buy according to your body characteristics. You can choose a vertical style if you are overweight, and a more slim fit, while you can choose a horizontal style if you are thinner. In addition, if you are tall and burly, you can choose a large business bag. Simple and generous, it has become the vane of popular fashion.

4. Function

The internal structure of the Business Laptop Briefcase is more complete and the styles are becoming more diversified. Business Computer Briefcase can fit A4 paper, and other pockets, such as cigarette pouches, cell phone pockets, pen holders, laptop compartments, etc., can be decided based on what you usually bring to work.

What are the materials of the Business Computer Briefcase ?

1. Genuine leather

Genuine leather is the most commonly used material for high-end handbags, mostly cowhide, in addition to sheepskin, pigskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin and so on.

Advantages: strong toughness, wear resistance, good air permeability, and softer leather.

Disadvantages: The single area is heavy and not easy to maintain.

2. PU leather

Also known as synthetic leather or artificial leather, it is made of resin, chemical fiber, etc. After processing, its appearance and feel can be comparable to real leather.

Advantages: lighter weight, waterproof, easy to take care of, cheap, and more surface pressing patterns.

Disadvantages: non-wearing, easy to break, low-quality PU has a pungent odor.

3. Canvas

Canvas material is more capable of making a variety of shapes than leather material. It can be modified by printing, painting and embroidery to make the surface of the bag more beautiful. Most leisure handbags are made of this.

Advantages: tough and foldable, waterproof, clear texture, many patterns.

Disadvantages: difficult to clean, relatively heavy.

4. Nylon

The high-grade composite chemical fiber material has good air permeability, lightness, abrasion resistance and water resistance, so nylon is often used to make sports or outdoor handbags.

Advantages: strong and wear-resistant, light weight, flexible, breathable and waterproof.

Disadvantages: poor hygroscopicity, pilling after a long time.

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