Choice of hiking backpack

Choose a backpack by activity type

1. If you want to go camping on foot, that is, you need to walk to the camping site for a long time with tents, sleeping bags, mats, etc. on your back, and spend one or several nights in the wild, then you must choose – 45L or more heavy hiking Backpack.
Due to the long-term load-bearing walking and carrying tents, sleeping bags, mats, cooking utensils, tableware, water, personal items and other equipment materials, the backpack is required to have high support strength, strong bearing capacity, large volume, and many plug-ins, suitable for high-intensity and professional outdoor sports.

Pockets under 10L should be used with large hiking backpacks! It is light and easy to carry, and is mainly used to carry valuables with you.

You can put your gear in a large backpack, and your valuables in a fanny pack to take with you.

2. If it is a one-day round trip, but you need to hike for 5-8 hours, you should choose a 30-45L hiking backpack.

Such activities need to carry a certain amount of food, drinking water, sunscreen, spare clothing, etc. Although the load is not very large, because of the long walking time, the backpack has a high carrying capacity, so it is necessary to choose a moderate volume. The design of the bag body is simple and light, and the backpack compartment is functionally divided and classified into a backpack designed for storage.

3. If it is suburban leisure, park attractions, urban hiking and other activities, you do not need to carry too much weight and only carry daily necessities, then you can choose a 20-30L leisure backpack.

This type of backpack has beautiful colors and simple appearance, which can be matched with daily clothes; it is relatively light with simple carrying system or no carrying system. Some backpacks are equipped with functional areas to hold business office supplies such as computers and IPADs, so they can also be used during daily work.

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