The difference between hiking bags and mountaineering bags

In fact, mountaineering bags and hiking bags look very similar. For non-professional outdoor enthusiasts, there is little difference between the two, and there is no need to care about them. However, in the eyes of professional enthusiasts, these two types of bags are still different. Professionals Generally, the distinction between equipment is relatively fine.

Mountaineering and hiking are two completely different outdoor sports, and backpacks are also designed to eliminate the nature of mountaineering and hiking. First of all, the biggest nature of hiking is to take things frequently from the backpack, such as changing clothes, drinking water, taking Food, taking towels, etc., this also leads to the difference between hiking backpacks and hiking backpacks. There are more pockets on the surface of hiking backpacks, and there are external buckles, mainly to hang trekking poles, moisture-proof pads, etc. on the outside.

Mountaineering bags do not take things as frequently as hiking bags, so there are generally not so many pockets on the outside of mountaineering bags. The surface is relatively smooth, there are no outer pockets, side pockets, etc., and Dongge thinks that the outer pockets of mountaineering bags are Sometimes it will affect the plug-in. I believe this is also a problem for many mountaineers. This may be the reason why there are fewer outer bags for mountaineering bags. There will also be a plug-in design on the outside of the mountaineering bag, which is mainly used to hang ice axes, crampons, helmets, ropes and other equipment. In addition, mountaineering bags are generally not very large, because most of them return to the camp on the same day, so there is no need to bring camping equipment, just enough food, fresh water, and other equipment that can be used.

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