Custom insulated grocery bag


This insulated grocery bag is made of premium-quality rip-stop fabric on the exterior, and thick heavy-duty thermal EPE insulation material on the interior of the bag. This produce Bags hold items up to 30+ lbs. The cooler bag has a zipped top and keeps food and drinks cold or warm for hours. Perfect for food transport and delivery, or for keeping food, drinks, salads, meals, and snacks fresh & cool or warm for hours when going on a picnic or for a trip to the grocery store.

These insulated shopping bags fold up flat and for easy storage. The insulated bag stands upright with rigid construction when empty. Perfect for grocery shopping and keeping frozen items cold after shopping. No more worrying about whether your ice cream will melt if you are caught in traffic! Leave in your car for emergency use.

The insulated grocery bag’s long handle is reinforced with strong and durable edge cover stitching. Handles are comfortable to carry in your hands or over your shoulders. The shoulder strap are sewn down the bottom for added strength. The insulated tote bag’s metal zippers are very sturdy and slide back and forth smoothly without catching on fabric.

These reusable shopping cart bags are convenient for grocery shopping and are a wonderful alternative to single-use plastic bags that are not recycled, and frequently pollute waterways and other public areas. Choose an eco-friendly way to protect our Earth. Keep folded shopping totes in your car for emergencies.

This insulated grocery bag is durable with an interior of thick 3mm EPE insulation material. Its thermal insulation maintains the temperature of your food for hours. This insulated bag may also be used as a reusable shopping bag when you shop for frozen food, meat, fruit, vegetable, and dairy products to keep food fresh. Works as a food delivery bag or cooler bag as well to store BBQ food and cool drinks for camping or going on a picnic.

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