Tote bag matching skills

Tote bag

Tote bags come in ever-changing forms, ranging from high-end luxury goods to small roadside shops. Many people care about how to match. In fact, the key to matching handbags is to match the style and texture of your own clothes with the overall feeling of your clothing. For example, lightweight canvas bags are very suitable for relatively light and light wear in spring and summer, especially those made of cotton and linen. Wear, such as a single color T-shirt and denim, tennis shoes in summer, with a canvas bag, which is simple and stylish and easy and practical; there is also a delicate and high-end leather tote bag.

For office workers, a tote bag is a great way to protect your suit from scuffing and wrinkling your clothes from diagonal straps. The key is to have a sense of fashion. At this time, canvas bags are definitely not suitable. It is better to use a brand bag with a sense of quality. Great for holding your laptop or other supplies. In addition, bags of this quality are easy to use in all seasons, and they also work well with simple and stylish casual wear.

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