How to Customize a Computer Backpack

1. Key points of fabrics for customized computer backpacks

According to the internal disclosure of the IT industry, notebook computer manufacturers generally control the cost of purchasing matching computer bags not to exceed 50 yuan. Most of the materials may be made of nylon containing impurities. This material is not only easy to break but also harmful to the human body. Many imitations Contractors are commonly used these materials.

Computer backpacks are often made of nylon, and nylon computer bags are also divided into high, medium and low nylon. At present, the commonly used nylons in the market are 420D, 840D and 1680D, 420D is ordinary nylon, and 840D and 1680D are called ballistic nylon. The dust performance will also be better, so the customized fabric can better protect the computer.

2. The key points of the buckle of the customized computer backpack

The buckle of a computer backpack is a small detail that should be paid attention to in a computer backpack. To become a real backpack enthusiast, it is still very important to understand the performance of the backpack, and of course to pay attention to the knowledge of the buckle.

The commonly used buckles in backpacks are buckles, Japanese buckles, ladder buckles, etc. These buckles have similar characteristics, basically they have good toughness, heat/water/cold resistance, and more impact resistance. Using a good quality backpack buckle can not only allow you to easily complete the loading and unloading action, but also be stable and close to the body during intense exercise, so the buckle of the backpack is also an important part of determining the quality of the computer bag.

3. The key points of customizing the shoulder strap of a computer backpack

Whether it is a backpack, a shoulder bag or a bag strap, the computer backpack strap is very critical. A good computer bag strap is made of the same pure nylon material as the car seat belt, supplemented with various types of breathable and cushioning materials. For those with sturdiness, the shoulders and shoulders also have a breathable layer, allowing users to use It is more comfortable when the user is backpacking. If you need to carry a computer bag for a long time, the monitor is customized with a thick shoulder strap of the computer bag, which can better carry the weight. Shoulder strap hooks come loose, etc.

4. The key points of customized computer backpack webbing and zipper

The customization of webbing and zippers is also very important for a computer bag. The webbing should be strong and thick, but at the same time smooth, try not to feel astringent when pulling, so as to feel convenient and smooth in use. Poor zipper quality not only breaks the chain and cannot be pulled up, but some zippers are easy to scratch the laptop. The best zipper is a waterproof zipper. There is no waterproof design, which may cause the laptop to be damaged by moisture, but it is not necessary to pursue , After all, the backpack is inherently waterproof, plus the rain cover, it can be effectively waterproof except in extreme environments, of course. The recommended choice for custom zippers is YKK brand zippers.

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