Fashion Matching for Ladies Vintage Shoulder Bags

If a girl wants to dress up beautifully, she not only needs to look good, but also accessories such as bags or watches are also very important. If the clothes are branches, then the backpack is green leaves, which can make us look more temperamental as a whole. There are many styles of bags now, there are crossbody bags, and there are handbags. Different styles have different feelings on the back! And each bag has a different style. Some backpacks are sweet, and some are retro! Take retro bags as an example, there are so many retro bags, how do we choose? Introduce you to a wave of retro bags that are more versatile and atmospheric.

The combination of brown and orange is very suitable for wearing in autumn, and it looks really good with sweaters and coats. A buckle rope is also designed in the middle of this bag, so that the overall feeling will not be monotonous! And the capacity of this backpack is also quite large, so it is very convenient to put things!

Dark green with gold, it is really full of retro style. It is made of leather, and it is also the kind of matte leather, which looks really textured. And the design of its chain and buttons is not that bright gold, and the kind of gold that feels a little rusty, it looks really good. This bag is also very suitable for carrying in autumn and winter, it is really not too good-looking. The backpack is also very retro, and it is full of literary atmosphere. Its style is not so square, and it still looks a little cute style. Its color scheme is tan, and its buttons are also the kind of very retro gold, which really looks good with this color combination. And it is also very versatile, and it looks great with apricot sweaters or black clothes. And its skin is kind of grainy, and it feels very textured!


Fourth, this bag is also very retro. Its style is relatively simple, with a square design, and it feels quite satisfactory on the back. Its color design is also very simple, black with gold, it is a retro standard! And it’s the kind that can be snapped together, which is very convenient. Its capacity is also quite large, and it can still hold a lot of things. Its strap is chain, and the chain is also golden, and it feels retro when you put it on your back! If we wear a white sweater, it looks great with it too.

Fifth, this bag is also super nice. Its overall color is black, and there is a gold logo on the bag. The metallic feel is really not too good-looking. And this bag can be carried by hand or on one shoulder. It also looks great on one shoulder. Its shoulder straps are made of acrylic, which looks super textured, and the overall feeling is super retro, really don’t love it too much. This bag is very suitable for that kind of black retro skirt, it has a noble feeling.
The style of this backpack is more common to us. Its color is the kind of retro red, and the color is still very simple in design, without adding any other colors. Its material is also leather, and it feels very good to the touch. Its shoulder strap is also burgundy, which can be worn on one shoulder or crossbody! It also has a button design, so that the overall look will not be so monotonous! And its handle and some other buckles are metallic, which looks super retro.

Don’t you think these backpacks are super nice? And it’s also very versatile! Some girls may think that retro-style bags are not so good-looking, it may be that the style you choose is more old-fashioned or very old-fashioned, and retro-style bags are quite special. Of course, not only these bags are beautiful, but other styles are also beautiful. If you need to know more beautiful and retro bags, please call to customize!

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