Beautiful printed masks with heavy colors should not be used by children

Abstracts:Beautiful printed masks with heavy colors should not be used by children As the start of the school year has been announced across the country, childrens masks have recently become a popular item for parents to purchase. The reporter of Chi...

Beautiful printed masks with heavy colors should not be used by children

As the start of the school year has been announced across the country, "children's masks" have recently become a popular item for parents to purchase.The reporter of China youth daily and China youth network noticed that the price of a disposable mask for children on various e-commerce platforms ranges from three or four yuan to dozens of yuan.Many parents are worried about the purchase of masks for children.


How to choose a child mask?What kind of mask meets the standard?Is the market adequately supplied?The recently released group standard of "civil sanitary mask" (hereinafter referred to as "group standard") classifies and stipulates the masks for children, providing a basis for production supervision.The reporter interviewed jin xiangyu, professor of the school of textile of donghua university and one of the drafter of mask group standard, to analyze the standard and production capacity of children's mask.


Mo should buy N95 mask blindly


Many parents have found that children often "breathe with their mouths open" when wearing masks, and some have difficulty breathing while wearing masks.In response to this phenomenon, jin explained that wearing a mask is like setting up a 'filtration barrier' for your respiratory system, which should not only block particles and droplets, but also ensure smooth breathing.Children's lung strength is relatively weak, long wear of the children's mask is the first requirement of "ventilation comfort."


In the group standard of masks, it is clearly stipulated that the ventilation resistance of adult masks must be less than or equal to 49 pa and that of children masks must be less than or equal to 30 pa.In particular, jin reminded parents not to blindly choose N95 masks and surgical masks. "the ventilation resistance of these masks is around 300 pa, which is not good for children's daily protection."


But the ventilation resistance is small, whether can affect the protection of the mask?It is understood that the group standard for the protection of adult masks and children's masks "no discrimination", the same strict standards.According to the standard, the filtration efficiency of children's masks for particles such as dust, droplets and aerosols is not less than 90%, and the bacterial filtration efficiency is not less than 95%, which can meet the needs of ordinary consumers for bacterial protection after wearing masks.At the same time, considering that children are active and active and have poor autonomous processing ability, the flame retardant performance of masks for children is also stipulated. The indicators refer to yy0469-2011 medical surgical mask, and the burning time of masks after leaving the flame is set to be no more than 5 seconds.


In addition, according to the new standards, children should use ear-hanging mask belt, mask belt should not have a free end, there should be no detachable widgets, there should not be a touchable sharp tip and sharp edge.Raw materials for masks for children should not be used.'under such strict safety standards, as long as consumers choose to buy qualified and compliant masks for children, safety and comfort can be achieved,' Mr. Jin said.


Can cartoon design and color mask buy


Many parents in the purchase of children's mask is worried, ordinary mask children do not want to wear, children like colorful or cartoon design of children's mask.But is such mask safe after all, protective effect whether can discount?


The reporter notes that the mask group standard stipulates that the mask is not allowed to be dyed in direct contact with the skin fabric, but this requirement does not apply to the mask outer layer, whether the mask outer layer is dyed and whether there is a variety of patterns by the enterprise design, the standard does not do the requirements.


"Buy a beautiful mask carefully!"Jin said that children's masks should be dyed with pigments that meet "food-grade standards", whereas masks dyed with chemicals can have negative effects if worn for a long time.


As for the choice of size and size, mask group standards for children mask specifications also have large (L), medium (M), small (S), but many parents or "silly distinction".


Jin pointed out that children's masks are not suitable for infants and young children aged 36 months and below.He suggested that the trumpet is generally suitable for children aged 3-6 years old, children wearing masks will affect breathing, so young children should wear masks carefully, parents must pay attention to the observation at any time to adjust.Medium size is suitable for children aged 6-9 years old. Large size is generally recommended for children over 10 years old.


Jin xiangyu said that because children's growth and development of individual differences, so according to the age of the choice of masks only as a reference, parents in the purchase, to give children to try the size of the face to choose masks is the best solution.


It is reported that at present, jin xiangyu has led the team to conduct in-depth research on children's masks, and combined with the school of clothing and art design, donghua university, children's hospital, professional testing institutions and other units, using big data survey, computer simulation, sample test feedback, to further refine the relevant standards of children's masks.In the future, the choice of children's masks will be more diversified, in the size, appearance design, manufacturing process and performance have been improved.


Strict group standards, whether the manufacturer is "keeping up with The Times"


It is understood that children masks relative to adult masks, due to the small size of the market, the size of children in different age groups vary greatly, and group standards for children masks material requirements are higher.


Jin xiangyu told reporters that the key to produce a national standard for children's masks is to solve the filtration and mask materials, the focus to solve the melting spray technology, modification technology and charge technology three technical problems.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the research team of nonwoven materials of donghua university has been working on the key problems in scientific research. The material, structure, function and performance of children's masks have been continuously optimized. The material structure and function of the new masks will be more suitable for children.


It is reported that at present, through joint efforts with enterprises, donghua patented child protective mask products have been on the market in bulk.


Medical staff have strict rules on how long to wear masks, so how often should students wear them in public places such as schools?Jin to Yu said that everyone's breathing quantity, number of speech and exercise is different, generally the use of disposable masks in a day is enough, "is to choose the suitable size of mask, ensure masks conurbation, wearing a mask when to press the bridge of the nose with both hands on either side of the metal strip, make masks the top close to the bridge of the nose, down the stretch mask, leaving no fold."


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