Double Layer Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Product Name: Double Layer Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Model: hg-1406

Size: 13.5 x 9.29 x 2.64 inches

Weight:11.36 Ounces

Material: PVC+ Polyester

Sample: can be customized for 5-7 working days

Color: customizable

Logo: customizable

OEM / ODM services:

1. Provide OEM customized service

2. You can make your own logo and design. 3

You need to customize any color and size

Packing: 5 pieces / case.




Cosmetic bag consists of two larger layers. The top layer is transparent and water-resistant which can ensure dry wet depart.

So you can store cosmetic essentials or feminine products, medicines that must be kept dry without rummaging through the bag.

The bottom contains 6 separate brushes slots which can hold your brushes and protect them from dust.

Double layer cosmetic bag is made of a thick and see-through PVC material. Sturdy PVC material keeps cosmetic bags from tearing. Besides, heavy-quality zippers and zipper closures are very smoothly shifted and will never get stuck.

2 large compartments can easily accommodate your makeup or toiletries such as foundation, concealer, mascara, eye shadow, powder, lipstick, bonzer, tampon etc.

Standard cosmetic bag is 9*6*7inches and this makeup organizer is a practical compact design, weighing only 0.5 ounces. So that’s a major plus for travelling.

Cosmetic bag is easy to clean and is water-resistant that can better protect your cosmetics or skincare products from dust and water.

Last but not least, this makeup organizer provides hassle-free maintenance, you can easily clean the bag by simply wiping it down by hand and water as needed.


This double-layer cosmetic bag, the upper fabric is made of transparent PVC material, the height of the upper layer is 1.96 inches.

The lower fabric is made of PU material. The height is 3.96 inches.

This case have enough space to storage your makeup, like lipstick, makeup brushes, eye shadow, makeup palettes, hairbrushes, skin care products, nail polish, cosmetics and so no.

When you travel, this travel makeup bag will bring you great convenience.

Unlike the usual cosmetic bag, the first layer features PVC see-through pockets, which allowing you to clearly see the cosmetics inside and make your travel more orderly.

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With smooth reliable zippers, no need to worry any ripping or break during trips.

Water-resistent and durable fabric protects your gear from spills, easy to wipe down.