Cooler Backpack Bag to Camping

Product Name: Cooler Backpack Bag to Camping

Model: hg-1352

Size: 23.6 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches

Weight:2.19 Pounds

Capacity:20 Liters

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Sample: can be customized for 5-7 working days

Color: customizable

Logo: customizable

OEM / ODM services:

1. Provide OEM customized service

2. You can make your own logo and design. 3

You need to customize any color and size

Packing: 5 pieces / case.



23.6 x 9.8 inches ( height x diameter), 25 cans / 20 liters;Deep main storage compartment is large enough to provide roomy capacity for your meals, snacks, beers or other drinks.
The open layer on top of the insulated cooler bag covers the bag when folded, making it more protective and sealed to ensure anti-leaking and keep food hot/ cold for 24 hours.
Leakproof Insulated Cooler Backpack is Made of waterproof, durable fabric,high-quality insulation material and the leak-proof liner inside of the insulated backpack work together to make sure anti-leaking and keep your food cool and safety.
High-Quality insulation material and the leak-proof liner inside of the insulated cooler backpack work together to make sure anti-leaking and keep food hot/ cold for hours.Tough 500 denier Outer layer for exceptional strength and durability,add an adjustable air valve,it is to add a layer of insulation using air to keep the ice frozen for longer.1cm thick high quality NBR thermal sheild.
Besides being used as an excellent soft cooler bag, it is also a perfect lightweight gear,the weight of a single cooler bag is 2.3 pounds ,for lunch cooler backpack, hiking cooler backpack, camping cooler backpack, fishing cooler backpack, travel cooler backpack, hunting, trail, cycling, overnight stay and other outdoor activities.


1、Fold over the top of the bag once.
2、Push down to squeeze out excess air.
3、Roll down tightly 3-4 times.
4、Clip the buckle together.


25 cans capacity
Durable back straps
Keep cool 24 hours
Adjustable air valve
Cooler Backpack Bag to Camping


When you have an insulated backpack, you can walk hands-free and you do not have to carry the lunch bag or lunch box in your hand. There is the open layer on the top ,when fold over the top ,it can be cover the top,get more best sealing ,and double insulated design ,let the drinking keep cold.The stylish design of our backpack cooler make it also can be used as an insulated lunch backpack .Careful attention has been paid to the shoulder straps and the rear of the insulated backpacks to ensure you feel ultimate comfort and portability.Longer insulation effect with 100% confidence.Enhanced seamless lining stitching technology and high quality heat-sealed support 100% leak proof and make sure the amazing 24hours long-term insulation effect with freeze packs!The stylish design of our heat preservation and cooling backpack allows it to be used as a lunch backpack or daily backpack.Sleek and stylish, this multi purpose pack is perfect for hikes or a trip to the park. Even works as a regular backpack. You can also use it as a travel backpack, beach cooling backpack, hiking backpack, camping backpack, picnic backpack, fishing bag, lunch backpack, etc.