Range is designed toprotect individuals working in the petrochemical and chemical industries,refineries, energy suppliers (gas, fuel, etc), maintenance services, etc.
It is a complete rangeproviding varied protection:
- Heat: withstandsflames, heat and sparks from molten metal (clothes are not suitable for dealingwith fires; for example fire-fighters
- Chemical:provideslimited protection from liquid chemicals (such as: sulfuric acid, sodiumhydroxide, etc)
- Antistatic: preventselectrostatic charges accumulating on clothing
- Welding: protectsduring welding and other similar tasks
- Mechanical: benefits from goodmechanical resistance, especially breaking, tearing and abrasion.
Clothing to serve virtually all industries and applications.
Single Use Clothing:  Our complete line of ventilated & non-ventilated suits and accessories provides full body protection, for a truly global solution.
Technical Reusable Workwear: Our wide range of coveralls, jackets, pants, shirts and more. Available in various fabrics to provide protection, durability and comfort in multiple hazardous working environments.
Workwear: Our complete range of parkas, waistcoats and trousers for protection against all types of foul weather, and safety in low-visibility environments. The ideal blend of protection and functionality.
Fire Gear: Our line is ergonomically engineered to meet the rigors of today’s firefighting professional.




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